University of Technology of Troyes

Results & impacts


Results and impacts

The CREIDD has an integrated innovation model. The co-construction of knowledge with the academic, professional stakeholders and civil society allows the increase of knowledge transfer. In this framework, the CREIDD is engaged into a voluntarist approach around creative commons and participatory sciences. Our activities have generated the following productions :

  • Scientific publications (Publications)
  • Games raising awareness and other learning materials from research works (EcoCloud)
  • Tools to model and evaluate : methodologies and softwares (EcoCloud)
  • Actions of long term researches integrated to territories (the Grands Chambardements).

The impact indicators of the CREIDD are both academic and social in the way they evaluate the capacité our team get access to the knowledge produced to the society.


Most members of the CREIDD are teaching in the master called Engineering and management of the Environment and sustainability. In order to have more information about it, click here.