University of Technology of Troyes




EcoCloud is a platform gathering academics, industrials and people from the civil society. The theme of the platform is the sustainability of socio-technical systems. This platform has been developed through the GIS S-mart and supported by EcoSD network.

The aims of the platform is to be:

  • a showcase of the actions and the general dynamism of the network,
  • a tool of animation on the theme of sustainability,
  • a place where people from civil society can learn,
  • an accelerator of projects of research and teaching on sustainability.

The platform is here !

New features of the platform for members of the GIS S-mart should be available before December 2019.


CREIDD is in partnership with the BBC+ platform located at the engineering school called EPF Troyes. The BBC+ platform deals with energy behavior of buildings with a special focus on the comfort of users. 

This platform includes the following elements: 

  • an internal biclimatic cell, prototype of a RT2020 house composed of hot and cold zones,
  • an instrumented thermal manikin,
  • the RAFRAISOL bench, a solar cooling module for simulation and optimization, 
  • an external rotating cell (mid 2020).