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09 / 10 / 2014
COLEIT 2014 - Coloque interdisciplinaire sur l'écologie industrielle et territoriale
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Postdoctoral Researcher
Recycling, Industrial Ecology, Social and Environmental Life cycle assessment, Life cycle costing, Environmental ethics and religion,Political Ecology and Policy making
203 Baitment F, ​CREIDD Research Centre on Environmental Studies & Sustainability,
Department of Man, Environment & Information Technology (HETIC)
University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), France

Téléphone : / +330614833490

I have studied at Michigan Technological University in the department of Social Science majoring in Environmental and Energy Policy in April 2016 after I have completed my Masters and Bachelors degree on Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the Univeristy of Dhaka,Bangladesh. I earned my second Masters in Development Studies from the University of Dhaka.

I have conducted dissertation research on Shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh with particular attention on 1. how social embeddedness in Bangladesh society promotes and influences the direction of resources flows , 2. estimating environmental impact of the recycling facility  on the coastal wasters in Bay of Bengal and finally, how local stakeholders engaged in micro politics  create a particular construction that favors their own respective interests under the political ecology framework. The manuscripts is published in peer reviewed international journals  and under review in Environmental Sociology. 

I am currently conducting postdoctoral research in the CREIDD Research Center of Environmental Studies and Sustainability in a "RECYCLED" project. The responsibilities include the identification of the LED recycling process suitable for the French company to recycle LED that will be both economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. I have been using Life cycle analysis methodology to evaluate the sustainability aspect of the industry.

​My research mostly centered around society and recycling with particular attention to how recycling can be promoted while social goals are maximized. My methodological interests lie in Social and Environmental Life cycle assessment. My focus is on interdisciplinary sustainability studies that evaluate, and offer solutions to, the social and environmental challenges of industrial activities (processes and products) using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analytic tools, such as Social Network Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS).

My recent researches:


Rahman, S. M., & Mayer, A. L. (2015). How social ties influence metal resource flows in the Bangladesh ship recycling industry. Resources, Conservation and Recycling104, 254-264. 

Rahman, SM., Handler, R., and Mayer, AL., (2016). Life Cycle Analysis of steel from Ship recycling industry in Bangladesh, Journal of Cleaner Production, 135,963-971. 

Rahman, SM., Mayer, AL. (2016). Policy compliance recommendations of International shipbreaking treaties for Bangladesh. Marine Policy, 73,122-129. 

Rahman, SM., Schelly, C., Norman, E., and Mayer, AL., (Under review). Breaking Ships to Build a Nation: Uncovering Discursive Framings of Bangladesh Shipbreaking Industry. Journal of Environmental Sociology 

Rahman S.M., Junbeum Kim, Gilles Lerondel, Youcef Bouzidi, Laure Clerget(Submitted). Missing research focus in the end-of-life management of LED light bulbs,Resources, Conservation and Recycling 

Rahman, S.M. (Submitted). Encountering oppression through environmental means: a case of competing Islamic activism and Environmentalism in Bangladesh, Journal of Islamic Studies and Culture. 

Rahman, S.M., (Submitted). Qard hasana (benevolent loan) and social engineering for breaking the Small World Phenomenon: an experiment of microfinancing model for poverty alleviation, Journal of Business and Economics


Publication in Preparation:


Rahman, SM. Jun, K. and Traverso, M. (in prep.) Social Life Cycle Assessment of Bangladesh ship breaking industry, Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 

Rahman, SM. and Kim J. (in prep), Environmental and Economic Life Cycle Assessment of recycling end-of- life LED Bulbs, Journal of life Cycle Assessment 

Rahman, SM. Kim J. (in prep), Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Leather Processing Industry in Bangladesh, Journal of Cleaner Production 

Rahman, SM. (in prep), Uncovering Risk perception of Bangladeshi metal workers and implications of risk theories, Environmental Sociology 

Rahman, SM. (in prep.) Recycling: a practice of Islamic Environmentalism or a substantiation of green capitalism?  Resource, Recycling and Conservation